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March n to the garden!


Vegetables, herbs and flower seeds, oh my!


The business of gardening and kitchen yumminess (is that a word?!) has begun. Admittedly I like to start tomatoes, peppers and other summer/fall deliciousness at the beginning of the year, however this year I had to think on a larger scale. With the birth of Garden N Kitchen monthly club, the online store and future blog give a ways I’ve had a lot more planning to do which meant patiently (or not so much patience) for my extra large order of gardening products to arrive.

Yay! So excited!

Follow me into the garden and kitchen through mudroom diaries and see what’s to come!


2 thoughts on “March n to the garden!

  1. This is one of the best hobby one can ever enjoy, all the best to you Katherine!!

    1. Thanks!

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