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Dinner $5 per person!?

Being someone who cooks mostly from scratch I attract the attention of skeptics. The short conversation usually goes something like, “I can eat out cheaper than cooking at home.” which generally has words like McDonald’s, whatever Chinese food restaurant and Denny’s or whatever cheap food is available around town.

Last night I was approached with the idea that dinner can’t be made for under $10 therefore eating out is cheaper. If you’re a home cook you know it’s not true unless you just don’t watch your numbers or portions but if you do then hands down it’s cheaper to cook than to pay someone else to cook.

I’m seriously considering doing some copycat meals of popular fast-food just to prove a point. I haven’t bought fast-food in a couple of months and generally don’t but it might be fun to see what I can do in the kitchen. We’ll see.

This post is one fantastic meal for 4 that is less than $20 to make. It’s not beautiful but it was pretty good. I’ve never been great at technical names for food but from a short spell on google I’ve come down to it’s either a veggie and beef ragu or ragout. I call it a ragu but I also call my pancake flipper Jack. So…

If you follow the slide show, I just saute a few sliced up veggies then put them in a bowl while I brown the cubed chuck roast. When the chuck is browned on all sides I toss the veggies back on top with a can of tomato paste some dijon mustard and a little wine and let the flavors stew for a couple of hours on low heat. When the meat is fork tender I remove it from the veggies and put them in the blender to make the sauce. I like leaving the meat chunky but a person could blend that also.

Then serve it on your favorite pasta. I used spaghetti but it would work with just about anything. The veggies are easily switched up also. Even the pickiest eaters will be eating vegetables without knowing it.


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2 thoughts on “Dinner $5 per person!?

  1. I agree that it usually less expensive to prepare home cooked meals. Regardless, I would do it even if it were more expensive. Knowing what I am eating is important and I am able to add extra protein when needed. Hard to get that in a restaurant or a fast food joint

    1. Really good points. Knowing what you’re eating and being able to adjust to meet each days physical demands are huge benefits of home cooking.

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