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In my quest to get fit and lose weight I wear a Fitbit Charge 2. It watches my heart rate and movement and is pretty dang smart in knowing if I’m asleep or not.

The above is a peek at last night’s sleep which makes me happy it’s Friday. I haven’t been playing with the horses all week because I’ve had to come straight in from farm chores to get breakfast ready before my teen leaves for school.

I won’t be sleeping in just because it’s the weekend but I think more exercise in the morning playing with the horses will help me sleep better.

You ask, why not play with the horses later in the day? Unfortunately the rest of life happens after breakfast and a quick blog post. Homeschooling the tween, my own education, house work, business stuff and then it’s time to make dinner, go to bed and start again.

The weekend is my downtime from all things school, besides farm/outdoors education. It’s amazing what you learn when you get busy with animals or in the mountains.

This morning was a bit of a drag due to craptastic sleep, luckily there were Omelette Bites left from yesterday although I had planned on making burrito bites this morning. I had some left over burrito makings from last night. I might make them in the morning.

Ok back to trying to wake up. Or give in and take a nap. Hmmm…

Happy Friday!


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