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Camping Fun and Fail… :-/

I forgot the third sleeping bag!!!

We had a blast though. I took the girls and Long Dog up to the mountains to play, shoot and camp. We all got loads of sun. Explored the area.

“Cool a snake mom can we eat it?!”

“No it’s too small.”

We’ve caught and eaten snake before but it was a 5″ long gopher snake. My girls are very adventurous. They make this momma proud!

Roasted dogs and smores for dinner.

And did a little target practice. My 11yo fell in love with shooting which will make getting ready for hunting season loads of fun.

She was so proud of hitting her target she wanted a picture. She’s a natural like her momma.

Collected enough firewood from around the area to last us until bedtime and for breakfast making in the morning. We got tent set up and unrolled the sleeping bags to discover I failed to bring one sleeping bag and it got into the 30’s last night so we packed up and made it home about 9pm.

We were all really disappointed. We’ll probably try again next weekend.

Honestly it’s probably a good thing we had to come home early, cause boy camping fun takes a different set of muscles because I am sore in new ways.

2700 calories burned in one day! It usually only takes 2100 for my average on the farm day.

Sunday is definitely going to be a day of rest. Someone bring me a Bloody Mary!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!


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