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Feels Like Summer!

We skipped spring straight into summer. This kind of weather calls for rearranging my schedule. With sunburn probabilities up I have to plan outside chores/projects very early or very late.

Feeding/watering of the animals gets done first thing and then water is topped off half way through the day (when it’s really hot the buckets get refreshed in the evening too) and a couple of other outside projects get attention too.

From breakfast until afternoon I have been doing the majority of my studies/business while my brain is fresh. After noon chores I get dinner prepped and started in time for a 5:30 dinner.

With these high temps and sunny days outside I’ll readjust my studies and farm projects to maximize cool mornings outside.

Hopefully this weather is a temporary look at our usual summer. We can’t skip spring!

The fun of living according to the weather.


1 thought on “Feels Like Summer!

  1. mmm. . . this looks yummy. There is something special about reaching the point in the spring when it’s warm enough to start wearing short sleeves.

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