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MacGyver’d Skewers

I’ve been a little in my head so I haven’t been posting as regularly as usual but I haven’t forgotten about my readers so I’ve made a point of taking pictures when possible to reconstruct a moment and hopefully pass on something new.

This past weekend thanks to the deep summer heat the girls and I were locked out of our favorite backwoods spot so camping was cancelled. We also spent a good amount of time indoors out of the sun. This always leads to interesting things.

Saturday I got a craving for food on a stick. Yep that’s a real food category. I’m pretty sure it’s part of the food pyramid like vegetables and bacon.

I usually keep a cheap pack of wood skewers in a drawer because they come in handy for all sorts of things. Unfortunately I let my pack run empty. No big deal.

If you’re anything like me you have a handful of cheap whisks around. You can get them at the Dollar tree for a helluva cheap price… $1

Any wire clippers work I just happen to have my best friend in my back pocket most of the time. This tool is a memory box full of stories. I’m pretty sure my girls roll their eyes now when I describe how it helped me build my farm. :-/

The tines can be easily straightened. Or mostly straight.

Slid on your favorite foods.

Bend the ends just a little to keep things from sliding off.

The bent ends help with rotating the skewers on the BBQ.

For this particular case I used thinly sliced brisket marinated in soy sauce, ketchup, brown mustard and molasses. Because brisket needs a little help I put the veggie/pineapple skewers on top then closed the BBQ lid. The extra juice and flavor of the onions, peppers and jalapeno really did the job.

When I was satisfied with the meat I put it in off the direct heat and gave the veggie skewers a chance to caramelize.

A little awesome dip later and dinner was served. The MacGyver’d skewers are easy to wash and hold on to for another time. They stand up to the heat much better than wood skewers and can be reused all summer.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this ! I always look forward to your interesting posts.

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