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Season 2 of Mudroom Diaries will return in 2020

I haven’t forgotten about this blog and I’m still working the farm, school, cooking and a new relationship so things have been a little time consuming.

My new year’s resolution is to turn this into a positive habit. They say journal keeping is a healthy habit.

Coming in the new year:

Jan – planning, planning, planning

Feb – deposit for two beehives, revamp the greenhouse with veggie starts,

Mar – lambs are due, piglets bought,

April – pick up bees, ready the garden space (we’ll be growing ~ 2/3 acre garden), early spring crops under row covers, chicks and turkeys,

May – garden, garden, garden

June – CSA open for customers, produce stand open for everyone

And so on and so forth…

January will see me hashing out this list better.

Happy Holidays!


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