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Season 2 of Mudroom Diaries will return in 2020

I haven’t forgotten about this blog and I’m still working the farm, school, cooking and a new relationship so things have been a little time consuming.

My new year’s resolution is to turn this into a positive habit. They say journal keeping is a healthy habit.

Coming in the new year:

Jan – planning, planning, planning

Feb – deposit for two beehives, revamp the greenhouse with veggie starts,

Mar – lambs are due, piglets bought,

April – pick up bees, ready the garden space (we’ll be growing ~ 2/3 acre garden), early spring crops under row covers, chicks and turkeys,

May – garden, garden, garden

June – CSA open for customers, produce stand open for everyone

And so on and so forth…

January will see me hashing out this list better.

Happy Holidays!

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Country-fried Breakfast

What does a country momma do when she wakes up to no power?

Listen to the neighbor cut up the tree that fell on the lines while making coffee and breakfast.

It’s just a simple hash n eggs. Red onion, bacon and diced potatoes with a little Italian seasoning and eggs sunny side up.

Enjoy your breakfast and enjoy your day!

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No Horsing Around

Yesterday the girls and I headed down to work on our pond/garden project. Because I’m waiting for the new harness to show up before really training the horses I didn’t put either to work but as you can see Shennen seemed to be willing. She didn’t leave our side all the while we were working.

Yesterday was a lighter day. We just picked up the loose dirt on the edge of the pond so I could till deeper yet. It doesn’t look like much and honestly we didn’t work as hard or long as the previous day’s but that’s about 20 loads in the sled and 6″ deeper in the middle 200sqft of the pond.

For dinner we had leftovers refurbished. I love having certain leftovers because it’s so easy and quick to make a meal when all you want to do is sit down and have a cold one.

This is a combination of leftover smoked ribs, baked beans and rice along with a fresh onion, anaheim, jalapeno, and corn. And because us girls have our own favorite way of doing things we literally had it 3 different ways.

My youngest had it on a tortilla with cheese and dessert.

My oldest went the wrap and lettuce rout sans the cheese and dessert.

And me? I don’t need the extra carbs so I skipped the wrap and went for the high protein and veggie route. I drank my carbs so it’s not like I’m on a carb free diet. I just pick my carb battles to fit the day. 😉

Leftovers are a busy mom’s best friend. I think today I’m going to smoke up some chicken pork just for the sake of quick and easy meals this week. It’s going to be a busy week.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

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Lazy Day on the Farm

Yesterday the girls and I said goodbye to our helper and spent the hottest part of the day inside. After dinner I decided to get a little work done.

Shennen is a selfie queen. I on the other hand am not.

It’s impossible to do anything without these girls wanting in on it.

So I figured it was a good time to introduce them to pulling the sled.

The load is light enough for me to pull but gave enough resistance to give the girls a taste. After yesterday’s successful introduction to working I caved and bought a harness.

I think it’s a little silly to show it on a toy but here goes nothing (in 2-5 days).

I won’t use the bit or blinders though just the harness body.

The rope just gave me a good idea on how the horses would react to a load.

Even Shennen got a turn. I put gloves on in case either decided it was too scary having the sled following them but they were both champs.

Shennen has gotten herself stuck in a few situations and has proven to be calm under pressure. A horse that doesn’t panic when stuck is a real blessing.

Cross your fingers for a quick delivery of the new harness. That’ll be our next real workout with the horses.

Until then the girls and I will put in a little elbow grease.

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The Perfect Home Gym

Optional workout equipment for rent as needed.

It works the whole body while adding a boost of Vita D.

The pond will be 40×60 and 5′ in the middle. Renting a tiller was the perfect (cheapest) solution for us.

It’s great for the entire family.

Hauling good pond dirt to the new garden on the other side of the shed in the middle. Ten loads between us 3 girls yesterday.

It’s stocked with fresh flowers all summer long.

Has some really cool mascots.

Shennen will help with the work I’m going slow with her training

And after your workout cooling off is the best part.

5 minutes from home our favorite place to cool off

Oh and dinner is always on the house.

Smoked pig leg. Low and slow for 6hrs.

Courtesy of Frank.

Guaranteed to burn enough calories to enjoy a couple of beers and dessert. Whichever suits your fancy.

My day’s workout in a nutshell.

We’re refurbishing the pond to make it year-round and deep enough to add some trout. The dirt is being hauled to a washed out pasture that’s being built up for better use. This year we’ll garden it after the pond dirt and barn compost is added.

Our growing year tends to last until November so we have plenty of time to get starts in the ground for a hefty fall harvest.

Luckily for us this summer has been cooler and wetter than usual making garden season easy even now in July. Most years we’d be watering the pastures but mother nature appears to be on our side.

Maybe I did something right because Karma has been my best friend lately.

We had to say goodbye to our helper for another week but it’s been a fun mid-week weekend working on the farm.

Today the girls and I are sitting out the heat of the day. This evening we’ll get back to it.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer and whatever happenings you’ve got going on.

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What’s happening

May 5th I hit the 100 likes milestone and had 29 followers. Today I hit 200 with 33 followers.

To be completely transparent I really slacked off last month.

A lot of hard choices were made this past week and some scary steps taken. I won’t get into it but the recent happenings has me seeing things a little different.

I think this blog will start to look better here on out.

Oh happy day.

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Good Monday!

Which one doesn’t belong?

It’s crazy. You walk outside each morning greeted by chickens who want breakfast then one morning there’s a couple of 6 week old baby rabbits begging for food too.

So what do you do?

Let them all out for a little free range breakfast! Opening their door was like dumping out a barrel of curious rabbits.

Yes, they will go home in the evening. Rabbits I’ve discovered (years ago) are creatures of ha Much like other animals and livestock. They even go home when they take a nap.

For the last couple of weeks each morning we’ve been letting the horses out to the house yard. We’ve got about 3/4 of an acre sectioned off for the house, garage and small garden (is 50′ x 125′ small?).

Our garden is being moved. And way behind. The realities of being a single mom is the only thing that’s on time is dinner. Ha ha I think karma is on my side though because although we’ve had lots of warm weather it’s stayed overcast which keeps everything green. Usually by now I’m back to supplementing feed because the grass is stalled out and brown.

Shennen loves when my camera comes out. She has to be center of attention.

It’s 11:30ish now and most of the bunnies have gone home to take a nap.

Time to get some inside chores done and lunch or lunch then chores. Smoked chicken salad. Leftover smoked anything is such a treat. I better find something else to put on the smoker.

Have a great lunch and a great day!

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Asian Flavor Inspired Burritos

Last week I was making a bunch of food to send to my aunt’s to help in between grocery runs (she’s currently housing and sharing food responsibilities 3 other adults). I also sent some home with my new friend 😉 who eats like a bachelor (way too much fast-food) but appreciates real food.

I love cooking so spending 3-4 days putting together some yummy meals was nothing but fun. Love on a plate, in a bowl or wrapped in a tortilla. Who could ask for more?

They ended up with stew, chilli, burritos and lasagna. I smoked up some chicken and ribs for burrito making.

The chicken I ended up mixing with a slightly spicy Southwest inspired flavors. Chipotle, corn and rice with the shredded smoked chicken.

The ribs, the subject of this post, were shredded mixed with a little hoisin sauce, soy, tomato paste, brown mustard, rice wine and ginger beer.

Beside the ribs I made some Jasmine rice. The best thing you can do for your rice is cook it with ginger beer. I promise you’ll never go back to using straight water again.

And to compliment the rich ribs and sweet rice I made what I call a quick kraut. My girls and I love sour kraut but more often than not I use raw cabbage and simmer it in balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Since the flavors were Asian inspired I cooked the cabbage down in ginger beer and rice wine.

The carrots were ribboned using a potato peeler. Easier on the fingers than using a mandolin.

All these awesome flavors wrapped in a tortilla and baked until crispy made my new favorite burrito. 400° for ~20mins

Who knew you could wrap Asian inspired flavors in a tortilla? It was a fun new experiment that turned out amazing. I will definitely do this one again.

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Horsing around…

I’ve talked about our goal of teaching the horses to pack and drive. I haven’t put a lot of energy into it just as opportunities arise. Yesterday evening while putting horses and sheep back in their separate pastures another opportunity arose.

The lead rope isn’t tied to her just laid on her back. The horses had been on the house yard for the day taking advantage of me not mowing. Ever. The ewe and her lambs were let out too. When we brought the horses back we played a little.

Shennen is getting comfortable with new stuff and situations. The lead rope on her back is weird but things will definitely get weirder as I save for actual packing bags and harness.

August marks one year of being single mom again and living with a single income and savings. Anyone who’s had to make that transition can attest all “fun” stuff gets put on hold.

On a side note if anyone knows of miniature horse gear for cheap or free we’re in the market.

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June in a nutshell!?

To the inner naysayer/self-doubter/giver-upper. I no longer have room nor hospitality.

Yes I’ve been a horrible blog hostess. I had a bit of rhythm for awhile then let life’s troubles get me down.

Inspiration and self confidence is finding me again. Loneliness can be a real drain on energy and creativity.

I’ve never had a whirlwind romance and didn’t really understand that phrase until the last couple of weeks. Yes. Right after complaining to the Cyber universe about no one wanting my life I was proved wrong. Maybe that’s the trick.

Dare the universe with the unimaginable. Then stand back and watch it do it’s magic.

Did I say I met someone?