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The Perfect Home Gym

Optional workout equipment for rent as needed.

It works the whole body while adding a boost of Vita D.

The pond will be 40×60 and 5′ in the middle. Renting a tiller was the perfect (cheapest) solution for us.

It’s great for the entire family.

Hauling good pond dirt to the new garden on the other side of the shed in the middle. Ten loads between us 3 girls yesterday.

It’s stocked with fresh flowers all summer long.

Has some really cool mascots.

Shennen will help with the work I’m going slow with her training

And after your workout cooling off is the best part.

5 minutes from home our favorite place to cool off

Oh and dinner is always on the house.

Smoked pig leg. Low and slow for 6hrs.

Courtesy of Frank.

Guaranteed to burn enough calories to enjoy a couple of beers and dessert. Whichever suits your fancy.

My day’s workout in a nutshell.

We’re refurbishing the pond to make it year-round and deep enough to add some trout. The dirt is being hauled to a washed out pasture that’s being built up for better use. This year we’ll garden it after the pond dirt and barn compost is added.

Our growing year tends to last until November so we have plenty of time to get starts in the ground for a hefty fall harvest.

Luckily for us this summer has been cooler and wetter than usual making garden season easy even now in July. Most years we’d be watering the pastures but mother nature appears to be on our side.

Maybe I did something right because Karma has been my best friend lately.

We had to say goodbye to our helper for another week but it’s been a fun mid-week weekend working on the farm.

Today the girls and I are sitting out the heat of the day. This evening we’ll get back to it.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer and whatever happenings you’ve got going on.

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Feels Like Summer!

We skipped spring straight into summer. This kind of weather calls for rearranging my schedule. With sunburn probabilities up I have to plan outside chores/projects very early or very late.

Feeding/watering of the animals gets done first thing and then water is topped off half way through the day (when it’s really hot the buckets get refreshed in the evening too) and a couple of other outside projects get attention too.

From breakfast until afternoon I have been doing the majority of my studies/business while my brain is fresh. After noon chores I get dinner prepped and started in time for a 5:30 dinner.

With these high temps and sunny days outside I’ll readjust my studies and farm projects to maximize cool mornings outside.

Hopefully this weather is a temporary look at our usual summer. We can’t skip spring!

The fun of living according to the weather.