Intro to Herbs


Get inspired growing and cooking with herbs with this growing and drying kit.


The Intro to Herbs kit will inspire your senses with an herbaceous aromatics while cooking, tantalize your taste buds and make and make any kitchen feel more alive with luscious green foliage.

For the garden whether indoors or out you’ll get a variety of herb plants and seeds, soil disks for starting seeds and a mini green house to help them get started in your kitchen. 1-2 plants as available for instant use in your kitchen and 5 seed packets for starting more. All seeds are container approved and NON GMO. Start adding flavor to your cooking in as little as a few weeks.

For the kitchen you’ll get a herb drying rack and two seasoning shakers so you can dry and store your herbs.

This box is also our introductory box when you subscribe to Garden N Kitchen because we believe the best thing you can do for your food is season it with herbs. Monthly club members receive the same great benefits with $5 off each month’s kit.

If you’re not a master gardener or master chef it’s OK, this is a great way to get inspired or to inspire someone you love.


Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5.5 in


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