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June in a nutshell!?

To the inner naysayer/self-doubter/giver-upper. I no longer have room nor hospitality.

Yes I’ve been a horrible blog hostess. I had a bit of rhythm for awhile then let life’s troubles get me down.

Inspiration and self confidence is finding me again. Loneliness can be a real drain on energy and creativity.

I’ve never had a whirlwind romance and didn’t really understand that phrase until the last couple of weeks. Yes. Right after complaining to the Cyber universe about no one wanting my life I was proved wrong. Maybe that’s the trick.

Dare the universe with the unimaginable. Then stand back and watch it do it’s magic.

Did I say I met someone?

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Wrapping Up Leftovers… ;-)


I called dinner southwest chili but I’m not sure if the title fits. Pinto beans, rice, corn and hot Italian brats, a little tomato paste and spicy brown mustard and of course onions, jalapenos and garlic. Whatever you want to call it, it’s pretty dang good. And the next day it made an even tastier breakfast wrapped in tortillas and baked in bite size pieces.

Did I tell you I was dating? Probably not because it’s been pretty annoying. The consensus is that growing food is a cool idea but actually doing it is not. I blame it on the convenience era. Everything is so convenient it doesn’t take a second thought and certainly doesn’t take picking up a pitchfork or water bucket. It’s okay. Really.

After my last soul crushing relationship of 8 years I’m not exactly chomping at the bit to get back into a craptastic relationship. Adult communication would be nice though. The sitcom feeling of dating is really best left to those with mad writing skills. I’m the only audience to my sitcom. Well and the girls. They get a giggle out of it sometimes.

Last week I was off my game. Thankfully school is out in another week and then I’ll have a full-time extra hand (the teenager) to help whip this place into shape.

Yay summer!

Enjoy your breakfast and your day!