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Asian Flavor Inspired Burritos

Last week I was making a bunch of food to send to my aunt’s to help in between grocery runs (she’s currently housing and sharing food responsibilities 3 other adults). I also sent some home with my new friend 😉 who eats like a bachelor (way too much fast-food) but appreciates real food.

I love cooking so spending 3-4 days putting together some yummy meals was nothing but fun. Love on a plate, in a bowl or wrapped in a tortilla. Who could ask for more?

They ended up with stew, chilli, burritos and lasagna. I smoked up some chicken and ribs for burrito making.

The chicken I ended up mixing with a slightly spicy Southwest inspired flavors. Chipotle, corn and rice with the shredded smoked chicken.

The ribs, the subject of this post, were shredded mixed with a little hoisin sauce, soy, tomato paste, brown mustard, rice wine and ginger beer.

Beside the ribs I made some Jasmine rice. The best thing you can do for your rice is cook it with ginger beer. I promise you’ll never go back to using straight water again.

And to compliment the rich ribs and sweet rice I made what I call a quick kraut. My girls and I love sour kraut but more often than not I use raw cabbage and simmer it in balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Since the flavors were Asian inspired I cooked the cabbage down in ginger beer and rice wine.

The carrots were ribboned using a potato peeler. Easier on the fingers than using a mandolin.

All these awesome flavors wrapped in a tortilla and baked until crispy made my new favorite burrito. 400° for ~20mins

Who knew you could wrap Asian inspired flavors in a tortilla? It was a fun new experiment that turned out amazing. I will definitely do this one again.